Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Iblis/ work in progress

I haven’t been able to finish any pieces lately, but did a lot of drawings. As I was looking through the drawings I did in the past month or so I picked a couple that can be pushed further.
This was done on a 17” *14” piece of paper. I had to scan the drawing in pieces and patch it together on Photoshop, which was not fun!
When I drew this I wasn’t really intending to have a fully colored piece. Right now I am experimenting with different colors and compositions on Photoshop, and planning to bring it to finish.Iblis is the Arabic name of Lucifer.


Cookie Monster said...

He's so cuuuuuuute, I want to pinch his butt. haha

butcher said...

hahah.. yea i was totally going for "cute" ;)

واحـــد مـــــن الـنـــاس said...
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واحـــد مـــــن الـنـــاس said...

so so so cute :)
thx god
couse iblis is Restricted in Ramdan