Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back In Action!

It has been long since last time I posted here. I was on a long family trip and got caught up between making art and taking care of some family stuff.
I had a three months internship with Rising Sun Energy Center in Berkeley (March 10th - June 10th) then went to Dubai to see the family.. then to Syria where we had our family get-together .. we went to Turkey (this is when my computer crashed) .. back to Damascus.. then back to the UAE!

right now i am in the process of saving the non backed-up stuff on my laptop and finishing up a couple of projects that I have started.

while in Syria, I heard about some Syrian Illustrator sort of a deal. A book is being put together featuring the talents of artists from that region.. I got in.. and currently working on some comic pages for the project.

more to come..