Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back In Action!

It has been long since last time I posted here. I was on a long family trip and got caught up between making art and taking care of some family stuff.
I had a three months internship with Rising Sun Energy Center in Berkeley (March 10th - June 10th) then went to Dubai to see the family.. then to Syria where we had our family get-together .. we went to Turkey (this is when my computer crashed) .. back to Damascus.. then back to the UAE!

right now i am in the process of saving the non backed-up stuff on my laptop and finishing up a couple of projects that I have started.

while in Syria, I heard about some Syrian Illustrator sort of a deal. A book is being put together featuring the talents of artists from that region.. I got in.. and currently working on some comic pages for the project.

more to come..


Ray Bonilla said...

dis.... dis.... is AWESOME!!! congrats Manar!

Will Coyner said...

manar, you live!

Emily Barrera said...

Congrats, Manar! :)